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Unitarian Universalist Wedding Ceremonies

List of Wine Cup and Loving Cup Ceremonies

Index to poems and readings for the 15 other parts of Wedding Ceremonies

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Writing your own Wedding Service

      1. Readings
        2. Greeting and Welcome to Wedding Guests
          3. Homily to the Bride and Groom
            4. Prayer or Meditation
              5. Presentation of the Parents ( for younger couples)
                6. Introduction to the Marriage Vows
                  7. Marriage Vows
                    8. Introduction to the Ring Vows
                      9. Ring Vows
                        10. Pronouncement
                          11. Benediction
    At a minimum you could just go through and pick out one from each section and you have a marriage ceremony. But you may want to honor things from your religious traditions, particularly if yours is an interfaith marriage, or include a favorite poem. If you are looking for a particular value you wish to have in the service and are unable to find it, get back to us and we will either find it or write it. If you have written or know of a complete service that you wish to use, that is fine too.

    There is also a section 13 which gives a variety of Unity Candle Services, designed for including children from previous marriages in wedding ceremony. The final section with the Water Blessings .
    Or you may choose to include a broom, to sweep away past hurts, and a chalice of wine, to represent their combined spirits. The expression Tie The Knot comes from the Handfasting Ceremony where a cord, usually red, was tied around the couple's hands.

    Some couples have found these books helpful. Most are available from your local library or bookstore.

    With These Vows, I Thee Wed: Contemporary Vows for Today's Couples by Barbara Eklof

    Wedding Poems and Quotations edited by Rosemary Fox

    Words for Your Wedding: The Wedding Service Book

    Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies: Samples and Sources by Joan Hawxhurst

    Wedding Vows: How to Express Your Love in Your Own Words by Peg Kehret

    I Do: A Guide to Creating Your Own Unique Ceremony by Sydney Barbara Metrick

    Wedding Readings: Centuries of Writing and Rituals for Love and Marriage by Eleanor C. Munro

    Write Your Own Wedding by Brill, Halpin, and Genne

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